Time is short and souls are so precious in the eyes of God!

The Holy Face Association offers several programs to help in the conversion of souls for their salvation.  Please read about the various programs below and feel free to contact us for more information, should you have any questions.

Please note that these programs are currently available in the Western hemisphere only (North and South America).

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     Holy Face Church Program - (Lord, that we may see Thy Face)

If the Pastor wishes to enshrine the illuminated (or non-illuminated) framed Holy Face picture permanently in the church, the Association will donate this picture, plus Holy Face devotional material, as well as a percentage of large Holy Face pictures and novenas for the parishoners.  Also, the Association will help to start up (preferably on Tuesdays) a Holy Face Hour of reparation. (available in Western Hemisphere only).

     Holy Face Home Program - (Our Lord Comes To Visit His Children)

A group should be formed (minimum 2 people, 3 preferred) and they should choose a name by which the group will be known (preferably that of a saint or an angel).  This designated group will then be responsible for taking the illuminated, framed Holy Face picture to different private homes, including retirement homes, and leave the picture at every location for nine consecutive days.  The group will recite the first day Novena Prayer with the residents of the home and return on the ninth day to again recite the ninth day Novena Prayer, as well as the Act of Consecration.  It is suggested that the Rosary also be said each day in thanksgiving and reparation.  After the consecration has been made (and before the membership form is filled out), a Holy Face picture (framed by the group) should be enshrined in the consecrated home.  The illuminated, framed Holy Face picture is then brought to another home.  (available in Western Hemisphere only).

     Holy Face Hospital Program - (Our Lord Consoles His Children)

You cannot look at the Most Holy Face of Jesus and fail to see His terrible suffering.  The dear souls in the hospitals have the opportunity of suffering with Jesus; united with Jesus, they can offer all to our Heavenly Father to make reparation and help save many souls.  Prayer leaflets and medals are given to hospital patients (all have been blessed); being sick, most will find it difficult to say prayers, but we ask that they gaze upon the Holy Face of Jesus illustrated on the promise card.  In doing so, they actually console Jesus, and one will always receive more than he or she can give, for God will always reward a cheerful giver.

     Holy Face Missionary Program - (Go out to the whole world)

The Association, depending on who requests it, will donate Holy Face devotional materials and medals, plus Holy Face pictures in order to help all souls find, love and console Jesus.  The churches are supplied with a large 16 x 20 inch Holy Face picture (not framed) and other material for those who wish to start a Holy Face Holy Hour of reparation.

     Holy Face Prison Program - (I was in prison and you visited me)

When a prisoner writes the Association, they will receive an envelope containing Holy Face devotional literature and a Holy Face Medal (blessed).  By separate post, the inmate will receive a Sacred and Immaculate Heart picture, plus a booklet containing all necessary prayers.  Those who participate in this program are supplied (if they so wish) with rosaries, scapulars and different spiritual books to help them on the road of salvation.

     Holy Face School Program - (That they may learn)

When a Principal of a school and/or a teacher writes to the Association, it will do its utmost to co-operate in helping the children to know and love the Most Holy Face of Jesus, through the donation of Holy Face devotional material and medals to interested classmates.  Also, if they wish, a large, unframed Holy Face picture will be sent, upon request, to be enshrined in the school.
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